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- Find the best to go places on road trip + things to do along the way and stay in your budget

- Find the best air fare + possibility to book for you

- Give advice on all the ins and outs of the country

- Recommend hotels etc in your budget

- Plan a vacation completely in line with your wants and your budget

Complete customised travel (surprise trips, budgeted, luxury, exchange, internships, partly planned, helping with visa's etc)

Travel agent (prepare itineraries, book accommodations/flights/activities/transfers, support when on vacation)

Branches: luxury & backpak/affordable - but able to plan any vacation for any budget also flexible (want to book hotels etc yourself / only looking for adventures or unique experiences? > can also book that alone for you.  &surprise trips (what do you like & what is your budget/ maximum stay dates > I'll plan a surprise trip for you)

Have examples of different travels planned; 

Where you're explaining examples of what you can arrange, give examples + use pictures to show parts of the trip etc/ give example of potential trip (road trip/ surprise trip/ customized trip >not enough time to plan? don't know how to get the good deals? completely new country?) so people know what to expect, + advice people when they don't yet know where to go

Trip planner & guide (plan trips where people can apply to, go as well to act as a guide)


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